InDesign Album Templates for Photographers

150+ layouts for any size,
any shape, any book!

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InDesign Album Templates

Unlike other templates that are limited to certain sizes, this product contains three layout collections (vertical, horizontal & square) that are 100% adjustable to whatever size book you want to make.

Simply create your desired document, run the included InDesign script, then enjoy scrolling through the layout library, dragging & dropping to add a layout to the page. Drop in your images, and you're ready to go!


  • Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.6+
  • Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5 & CS6

How Does it Work?

Why InDesign?

Why should you use InDesign for building wedding albums instead of Photoshop (or any of those other “album design” software)?  Let me count the ways!

1. Work with single document. Photoshop was not made for multi-page documents like albums. After all, it’s photo editing software, not layout software. Think about it—to build a 40 page album in Photoshop, you’d need to create, tweak and manage a minimum of 20 different psd files. In InDesign, each album is just a single file. Have you ever heard of a 40 page Photoshop document? Of course not! Because Photoshop is for image editing, not for building multi-page layouts.

2. Designing/Editing albums has never been easier. Unlike Photoshop, In InDesign, you’re able to see your whole book at a time and the way that one spread relates to the ones appearing before and after it—so telling your client’s story is easier than ever. And when you retouch the images, you retouch the individual files (useful for print orders later), rather than a PSD layout. And when you’re done? Your InDesign album automatically updates all the links and you’re good to go!

3. Freedom and flexibility. InDesign works with any album vendor, any time, anywhere—so you’re free to design wedding albums for whichever vendor had the products you’re interested in, without feeling trapped or having to learn new software for each one.

4. You can use it for so much more than just album design!
Use InDesign to create info packets for clients, speed up your blogging by building blog boards, write an ebook, heck—you could even use it to create presentation slides! Export options range from your standard pdf, to jpgs, eps files, or even epub!

5. The professional choice. You are a professional—right? Do you have any friends who are professional graphic artists or layout designers? Ask them if they’d ever dream of designing a multi-page document in something like Photoshop. Once they stop laughing at you—you’ll have your answer. InDesign is the professional tool for professional layout designs.

InDesign isn’t free—but then again, neither was Photoshop. Consider this web page a public service announcement (PSA) and put on your big boy pants or your big girl panties—and pony up. The sooner you embrace InDesign, the sooner your wedding albums will be off your plate, in your clients’ hands, and you can put your feet up.


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